Virtual Cards for Online Shopping Worldwide

Virtual cards are a key tool in the modern online world, enabling secure and convenient online shopping worldwide. One of the most exciting and dynamic areas where virtual cards have found their application is the gaming industry. Every day, millions of players from all corners of the globe use virtual cards to pay for games and additional content, creating virtual worlds and bringing their fantasies to life.

In this article, we will explore virtual cards as a tool for paying for goods and services globally.



PSTNET issues virtual Visa and Mastercard cards in USD and EUR for purchasing goods worldwide, as well as for advertising accounts. You can pay for various entertainment services such as Steam, Spotify, Netflix, Patreon, and Unity 3D, as well as different marketplaces like Google Store, Apple Store, Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, Epic Games Store, and many others.

Fast and easy registration using a Google/Telegram/WhatsApp/Apple ID account or email and password. No verification is required to issue the first card. To issue additional cards and remove spending restrictions, KYC verification is necessary.

Low fees for deposits starting at 2.9%, transaction fees, card withdrawal fees, fees for declined payments, and 0% fees for operations with blocked cards. You can fund your account with cryptocurrency, Visa/Mastercard bank cards, and bank transfers via Swift/Sepa. The service offers various cards, including cards with 3D-Security (codes are sent to the Personal Account or Telegram bot).

PST now introduces a special PST Private program for media buying and affiliate marketing teams. As part of the program, users will receive:

  • Cashback of 3%
  • Up to 100 free cards each month
  • The lowest top-up fee


Pyypl is a payment system that provides simple and convenient solutions for online payments. It facilitates fast and secure transactions between users and is suitable for a wide range of users, including freelancers, entrepreneurs, online stores, and individuals who need to send and receive payments.


The service applies transparent fees, which may vary depending on the type of transaction. They typically consist of a fixed fee and a percentage charge based on the transfer amount. Details regarding fees and terms can be found on the official Pyypl website.

To use the service, you need to create an account and undergo verification by submitting a photo of your international passport. Pyypl also offers a mobile application that provides convenient access to the payment system.


A convenient card for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This service has separate applications for both iOS and Android, making it user-friendly for mobile device users.


To start using the BitFree card, you will need to:

  1. Purchase an international SIM card and register it in your BitFree account using a one-time password. This can be done through the app.
  2. Top up your account with a minimum of $30 using any convenient method. For example, you can use USDT for the top-up. There is a fixed fee of 3.4% for each top-up, with no fee for the initial deposit.
  3. There are no monthly subscription fees.
  4. No documentation is required for card registration.
  5. The cards are issued in the United States and Europe.



I think it’s worth mentioning this well-known service. PayPal is a renowned financial company that offers international payments. They provide various business services, including payment solutions and invoicing.

Commercial offers from PayPal vary from country to country and may include additional fees such as currency conversion or recipient fees. Nevertheless, PayPal offers convenient features and a recognized brand, making it attractive to some businesses.

In conclusion, virtual cards have become a real catalyst for the development of online shopping, including in the world of video games. They provide gamers with convenience and security when purchasing games, additional content, and many other goods and services in virtual worlds. Payment with virtual cards ensures global access to gaming content, allowing players from all over the world to enjoy exciting adventures and competitions.

With the advancement of technology and the increasing demand for gaming content, it can be expected that virtual cards will continue to play a significant role in online purchases in general and in the world of gaming in particular. Thanks to them, the gaming industry has become more accessible and diverse, bringing joy to millions of players, uniting them in virtual worlds and providing unforgettable experiences.

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