Photo Stamp Remover: How to Remove Photo Stamps

Photo stamps not only include date stamps and watermarks but equally consist of any caption or text that comes with whatever photo you take. Most of the times we would like to remove photo stamps from photos because it can be quite infuriating when your precious pictures are ruined or look less of its full potential maybe by a date stamp, small watermark and any other unwanted object or artifact appearing in your pictures. However, this negative development has now been put to bed with the up-rise of the photo stamp remover software and tools of which Movavi Photo Editor is absolutely effectual. A few guidelines on how to remove photo stamps with Movavi Photo Editor is what we would like to divulge in this article.

First off, removing stamps from photos also includes to remove background from photos as well as to remove unwanted objects, date stamps and any other texts. Although, in some cameras, the date stamp feature can be turned off. However, in a case where you’ve already taken your picture, here is an easy fix for you.

How to Remove Photo Stamps

Step 1. Download and install Movavi Photo Editor
Simply Download Movavi Photo Editor and follow the installation procedures.

Free Download  Free Download

Step 2. Select the photos with stamps
After installing the software, launch it and choose the photos you withe photo stamps or unwanted objects. You could as well simply drag the photos into the software’s editing window.

movavi add images

Step 3. Mark and remove photo stamps from photos
To remove photo stamps from photos, use the Selection Brush Tools located in the Object Removal menu or the magic wand, mark all the photo stamps you would like to remove, including date stamps, watermarks and even people. Then click the start erasing button in the program to remove all of the marked objects and photo stamps. If there still remains some blemishes in the edited picture then you should use the stamp tool to erase them too. This same process works for removing people from the picture as long as whatever you are erasing does not cover a large space on the full image.

movavi remove stamps

Step 4. Save the picture
After you are done with editing the picture, click the “Save” button and choose the file format and name you would like to use.

movavi save images

For a photo stamp remover, Movavi Photo Editor is just right and quite easy to operate. The program can easily be considered self-explanatory because of its ease of access and user-friendly interface. If you would like to even remove watermarks from a hardcopy picture then it is also not a hassle as all you have to do is to scan the picture and follow the same procedures above and print again if needed. Movavi Photo Editor is however not restricted to just the capability to remove date stamps and remove photo stamps from photos but also to restore image quality among its many other beneficial photo enhancement functions.

Free Download  Free Download

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