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Best Photo Recovery: Recover Deleted Photos from Computer for Free

Photo is one of the most important kinds of files on the computer and I believe every computer saves lots of precious pictures, especially for designers and photographers. As time goes by, your computer would run slow and own less and less space to save new files. You may clean up your Windows computer by deleting files, including photos. Since the names of pictures are usually similar and only one or two characters are different, mistakenly deleting often occurs. At that time, what you need urgently is to recover the deleted photos from the computer, but how to find out the missing data?

First, make sure whether you lost the photos that you need and where they are saved.

Find the ideal photos on your laptop or desktop again to make sure whether the pictures are deleted. Then, remember which disk saved the deleted images before since this will help you go to the recovery process. If you’re uncertain about the formats of missing photos, it is not a problem influencing the recovery because most formats of the image are supported:


Second, stop using your Windows computer, especially downloading and installing apps, streaming music, etc. on the hard disk drive in which the lost data was stored. We may not know too much about the rules of keeping data on Windows OS. The deleted data actually is not removed completely from the computer at first they are just hidden in some place on the hard drive. Once you continue to use the device and input the new data, the space-saving deleted data will be overwritten by those newly-input data, even installing an app, creating a document, etc.

Third, check and recover deleted photos from Recycle Bin. There is no doubt that Recycle Bin is the first way you would try to find lost pictures. Just double-click the trash bin icon on the desktop and find what you want in it. If there are lots of things in your Recycle Bin, you can use the search box and type the name of the photo to locate it. When you get it luckily, right-click on the photo and restore it to the original place. Please note that the images won’t be found on the Recycle Bin when they are removed from memory cards, USB flash drives,s or smartphones.

Tips: As you deleted the image just now and you didn’t do anything else, you can use Undo command – press “Ctrl+Z” to get the deleted files back to their original place.

Finally (Significantly), find a photo recovery software to undelete pictures. Data Recovery plays an important role in managing deleted pictures on Windows since it is compatible with recovery from a hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, digital camera, and more. Don’t hesitate! Search Google and get Data Recovery, one of the top data recovery wizards, on your computer. Windows 11/10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP are supported.

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As we mentioned, installing software may influence the data being written, so please download and install Data Recovery on the hard drive that didn’t save the deleted images. For example, you deleted valuable photos from Disk (C:), so you should put the data recovery software on Disk (D:) or others.

Steps to Use the Best Photo Recovery Software

Step 1. Launch Data Recovery on the Desktop.

When you view the homepage of the program, it lists the file types and hard disk drives for you to select. If you tend to recover files from removable drives, like the SD Card, it is in need to connect it to the computer and choose it to scan.

data recovery

Step 2. Select “Photo” to Go on Scanning.

After you check the box of images and select the hard drive, the program will go into scanning. It will go with “Quick Scan” automatically and it runs so fast.

scanning the lost data

NOTE: Deep Scan allows you to move further steps to access the computer’s data, which will take a little long time but it can find more files.

Step 3. Check the Scanned Results.

All the results are shown in two categories: Type List and Path List.

In the type list, you can view all formats of the pictures, e.g: BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, and more.

In the path list, the files are displayed according to their paths.

You can enter the name or path on the search bar to filter the images. Just double clicks on the image and you can preview it.

recover the lost files

Step 4. Successfully Recover the Deleted Photos.

As the ideal images are found, choose them and click the “Recover” button to retrieve .png/.jpg back to the computer. You can restore the lost photos on Windows PC and transfer them anywhere you like.


Although there is not only one way conducive to recovering deleted photos on PC, Data Recovery is easy to use in photo recovery cases. It is needed to develop an awareness of data backup. No matter the data on a computer or smartphone, backup files regularly can save you a load of trouble.

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