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How to Track Your Husband without Him Knowing

Whether your husband is at home with you, at work, or elsewhere, if you want to track your husband, it is indeed possible for you to track his smartphone. The most special thing about this is that you don’t have to be a computer expert to do this. Just use a phone tracker app to track a phone, and it won’t hold any secrets for you.

Best phone tracker to track any data of smartphone remotely: mSpy

Several apps claim to be able to spy on and even take possession of any type of phone. But you have to know how to distinguish between those who promise and those who actually do, and that’s where mSpy has managed to stand out from the competition.

Created in 2010, mSpy has quickly become the most widely used spyware in the world. Regardless of the type of smartphone and network used, you can find out everything with mSpy.

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Features of mSpy

mspy reivew

mSpy has fairly impressive features, among which we can cite:

1. It is undetectable

This software is completely invisible and undetectable because it integrates directly into the target phone’s operating system.

2. All data can be tracked

The software automatically saves all the history of the target device, going from the call logs to sent/received SMS. Everything is sent in full copy to your mSpy account from which you can consult it at any time.

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Its other features are:

  • Spying on all calls;
  • Recording of all keystrokes;
  • Using GPS to track someone’s location;
  • Monitoring all e-mails and SMS sent or received;
  • Viewing of all websites visited by the device browser;
  • Viewing the calendar or device’s reminders to see all of the scheduled events;
  • Instant messaging tracking, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, Instagram, Skype, etc.;
  • Taking control of the camera of the target phone in order to secretly take as many photos as desired;
  • Blocking applications on the target device.

How to Track Your Husband for Free without Him Knowing

To spy on your husband with mSpy, you don’t need to have advanced computers or new technical knowledge. The procedure is very simple and accessible to everyone, better still, to everyone.

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Step 1. Subscribe to a mSpy offer (acquire the software)

Of course, you will only achieve your goals if you actually have the right means, that is to say, the mSpy software in question. For this, no need to bother; you just have to buy mSpy first.

mspy create an account

You will be entitled to the related functionalities depending on the plan you opt for. Either way, the most popular and affordable subscription plan gets you all the features you’ve always dreamed of, even the ones you’ve never imagined.

Step 2. Install mSpy

Then you need to install mSpy on your husband’s smartphone. Note on this subject that this software can be installed both on Android (rooted or not rooted) and on iOS (whether it is jailbroken iOS or not, thanks in particular to the mSpy solution without jailbreak).

select your device

Also, note that you may need to have physical access to the target phone to install mSpy (which is pretty easy since it’s your spouse). But you can also do it remotely, without touching your phone, just thanks to its iCloud credentials.

Anyway, the installation will not be an obstacle for you, because the service assistance provided by the software helps you throughout the procedure in case of difficulty.

Step 3. Start to spy

Once mSpy is set up and installed on your husband’s smartphone, you can now spy on it. You will then be able to access all the data on his phone, according to your software subscription plan. You will be able to access his calls, text messages, emails, locations, calendar, etc. As well you can hack his WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media accounts and spy on them.

mspy gps location

mspy sms

mspy call history

mspy whatsapp

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Other Methods to Track Your Husband

There are other methods of tracking a phone. The list is not exhaustive, but we can quote:

Spy on an iPhone without installing anything

The iCloud, long regarded as the ultimate shield for Apple, iPad, and iPhone devices, itself tracks one of these devices. You just need the Apple ID of the target device and the corresponding password. It goes without saying that it will be much easier if the person you want to spy on is your husband.

Hack smartphone chip/SIM card

Another method is simply to hack your target’s chip or SIM card and locate it using the GPS service built into the phone. You will just need the SIM number and a jailbroken (iPhone) or rooted (Android) device. You can then have real-time tracking of the target’s position.

Find your phone with Google’s Android device management service

Many do not know it, or take it lightly, but remember that the Google system has an integrated service that gives the possibility of interacting with other terminals that run Android. Named “Android Device Manager”, the service is closely linked to its owner’s Google account.

The program which manages the peripherals on the great majority of smartphones that runs under the Android system, has the denomination “Google Find My Device”. It is the tracking software or application developed by the firm Moutain View. It is easy to use and requires absolutely no special technical predisposition on the part of users.

In addition, it does not need to be installed; it comes directly integrated into the system and is always ready to switch on as soon as the device has access to a broadband connection. When you want to track a phone, just connect to the dashboard provided by the software “Google Find My Device” attached to your own account, and it will give you the exact listing of all the latest positions from the target phone.


With all these features, there is no doubt that mSpy is the best application for tracking a phone and spying on someone’s phone. Its installation is very simple, and you benefit from full monitoring throughout the process. With mSpy, take control of your operations, with zero percent chance of being exposed.

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