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All You Need to Know about Pokémon Go Friend Codes to Level Up Your Game

Pokémon Go is a fun game, but when Niantic introduced the Friends feature, the game became much more exciting and rewarding. In this article, we will be discussing all you need to know about the friend system and how you can make the best of it. We discuss Pokémon Go trainer codes which is another name for friend codes in Pokémon Go.

Here’s a quick overview of the article. You can exchange your unique trainer ID to send you a friend request as a code for other players. Once you accept, you can become friends and do activities together. There are friendship levels that offer better rewards with each level. You can easily find friends even if you don’t have any personal friends who play Pokémon Go. Be sure to read till the end because we have an exclusive tip for you.

What Are Pokémon Go Friend Codes?

Pokémon friend codes are basically trainer codes. Once you create your account, Niantic assigns you a uniquely generated trainer code that identifies your account. It always shows up in your profile. Now when you share your trainer code, it becomes a friend code. It is a 12-digit number. However, it can also be shared as a QR code for quickly adding friends.

Why Should I Have Friends on Pokémon Go?

Friends make the game better. You can play the game just fine on your own, but it adds a social element and many other benefits. Things like experience, gifts, and bonuses in battle make you want to have as many friends as you can. Although there are some limitations that we’ll discuss later, it’s a rewarding experience with special activities like raids and co-op Gym Battles.


Raids are where friend codes become so important. Doing raids with friends gives you two-fold rewards. Firstly, your Pokémon friends get bonuses that increase the damage you deal on the Raid Boss. And secondly, you get extra Premier Balls when trying to catch the Raid Boss.

In other words, by raiding with friends, you can not only beat the Raid Bosses faster but also have better chances to add them to your collection! Every chance counts because, in Legendary Raids, the capture rate is low. Here is a breakdown of the benefits depending on the friendship level:

Friendship Level Attack Bonus Extra Premier Ball(s)
Good Friends 3% None
Great Friends 5% 1
Ultra Friends 7% 2
Best Friends 10% 4



You can also send and receive presents once a day. Typically, you can open up to 20 gifts sent by your friends. It’s best to keep opening the presents as you get them because you can only hold ten gifts at a time. With that said, Niantic has increased these limits. It’s a temporary increase to receiving 30 gifts and holding 20 at one time. You can also find presents by trying your luck at the PokéStops or from your Buddy Pokémon. Here are some of the items you can get as presents:

  • Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls
  • Stardust
  • Potions, Super Potions, and Hyper Potions
  • Revives and Max Revives
  • 7 KM Eggs
  • Pinap Berries
  • Evolution items like Sunstone, Waterstone

Sending gifts to friends also awards you with XP.


Trainer battles are one of the highlights of having friends in Pokémon Go. You can battle it out with your friends in a PVP battle system. However, you can still engage in PVP without being friends. With your Ultra or Best Friends, you can do so remotely at any time. You can get items like Rare Candies and Sinnoh Stones.


Pokémon trading is a long-running feature in Pokémon games. And like the past games, you can only trade with friends in Pokémon Go. It helps to have friends in different regions as you can trade Regional Exclusives. You can also take advantage of trading if you miss events that let you catch exclusive Pokémons. Like other Pokémon Go activities, trading costs Stardust but the higher the friendship level, the lower the Stardust required.

Research Rewards

Pokémon trainer codes also contribute to the Special Research tasks in the game. Although it is not a central part of the game, you can get some special Pokémon with Special Research.

How Do I Add Friends to Pokémon Go?

Now that you are ready to make some friends, the next question is how. Luckily it’s straightforward, and there are two ways, as explained below:

Step 1: In Pokémon Go, tap your avatar in the bottom left corner to open the profile screen.

Step 2: Choose ‘Friends’ from the profile screen.

Step 3: Tap the ‘Add Friend’ button > Select ‘Share my Trainer Code’ to directly post on any social app on your phone.

[2021] All You Need to Know about Pokémon Go Friend Codes to Level Up Your Game

Step 4: Select the ‘Copy my Trainer Code’ to store it on the cupboard, which you can paste anywhere online.

Step 5: Select ‘QR Code’ to produce a unique QR code that can be scanned to add friends in person.

[2021] All You Need to Know about Pokémon Go Friend Codes to Level Up Your Game

What If I Don’t Know Any Other Pokémon Go Players?

Although there are many benefits of playing with friends together in person, not all of us are lucky enough to have a group of friends who live close by. But no worries. It’s the best excuse to make new friends!

So, it doesn’t really matter if you personally know any Pokémon Go players. You can always make friends on the internet. The beauty of making friends this way is that you can make both local and international friends from social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, or other websites explicitly built to help you find friends.

You can find communities where you can briefly introduce yourself and share your Pokémon Go trainer code. Or you can choose from the codes already shared to add new friends.

But What about the Limits?

You might be thinking of getting as many friends as you can handle, but there are some limits. Presently, these are the limits:

  • Maximum of 200 friends.
  • Hold 10 presents at one time.
  • Send out 20 gifts a day.
  • Open 20 gifts a day.

Niantic may increase these limits from time to time, so be sure to make the most of those events!

Bonus Tip: Level Up Pokémon Go Faster without Using Friend Code

As a Pokémon Go player, you might be interested in ways to level up quickly. Although making friends is one way to swiftly level up, our bonus tip is a quicker, better, and more straightforward way to level up your game. You don’t even need a Pokémon Go Friend Code.

The solution? Spoof Pokémon Go by using a specially developed location spoofer that is both trusted and high performing – Location Changer.

Location Changer is a secure and trusted location spoofer with users around the globe. Changing location is just one of the many exciting features that let you level up quickly by vastly reducing the time it would take you otherwise.

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iOS Location Changer

For instance, you can plan a route along with the map that your avatar will follow while relaxing on the couch. This helps in hatching eggs and lets you catch new Pokémon. No matter the time or the weather conditions outside, you can continue leveling up quicker and easier.

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Pokémon Go is one of the pioneers in mainstream AR games of its type. Ever since its launch, we have been getting new features and, most importantly, new Pokémon. Getting some friends to play with you in real life simply does not happen for most. Friend codes serve this primary purpose. Pokémon Go friend codes can easily be shared and can be instrumental in adding friends quickly and easily.

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