Facecam Recorder: Record Your Face and Screen at the Same Time

Commonly, videos with Facecam attract more followers especially when live streaming since showing faces can increase interaction with the audience and make the video more plausible. Finding a suitable tool to record face and screen in the meantime will take you much time and energy. The Facecam recorder introduces in this article can ensure a high-quality recording. You can take advantage of this tool to record Facecam and gameplay at the same time or create a reaction video or a lecture video that is more approachable to your audience.

Before Recording Facecam and Screen

What is a Facecam?

If you are a gamer, you must have seen many “Let’s Play” videos or tutorial videos on YouTube or other game streaming platforms. YouTubers often put their own faces with a frame in the corner of the screen. This is known as a Facecam (or face cam). Facecam videos usually include audio narration as well. This may also be the reason why online lectures and tutorial videos will contain a Facecam to explain specifically.

How to do a Facecam?

If you want to know how to record your face while recording the screen of a video game, all you just need is a Facecam recorder that can record your face and screen at the same time and much of your troubles can be saved!

How to Record Facecam with Audio While Gaming

Movavi Screen Recorder is a simple screen recording software that can record your face and screen at the same time or just record one of the two only. The powerful and versatile screen recorder also allows you to record narration audio via a microphone while recording Facecam or screen. Its currently upgraded Game Recorder can conveniently show your face and record on the recording while you are making a gaming video.

  • Record audio from the system and volume control is available during recording.
  • Customizes the recording area, frame rates, transparency, brightness, contrast, etc.
  • Screenshot and record your Facecam.
  • Draw or add texts, arrows to the recording/screenshot.
  • Saves your videos in MP4, WMV, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS, GIF…so that you can upload them to most social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

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How to Record Facecam and Gameplay

To record Facecam while gaming, the steps are simple.

Step 1. Before you begin the game, open Movavi Screen Recorder.

Step 2. Click to open Screen Recording. And then select a video source and customize the specific region that you want to record. You can also choose to record the full game interface.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Step 3. Toggle on the Webcam button.

Don’t forget to turn on the system sound and microphone sound as well. You can check the audio quality by the Sound Check feature. And then adjust the Facecam frame size and drag the box to a corner on your computer screen.

Customize Settings

Step 4. Click REC before you start the game.

You can review the recording and click Save to save the video, or click Re-record to record again (but the original file will not be saved.)

capture your computer screen

How to Record Facecam only

If you want to record your face from the webcam only, follow the steps.

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Step 1. Open Video Recorder.

Step 2. From the webcam section (webcam icon), click the arrow down button next to the icon and select a webcam. You can click Manage to preview your webcam and adjust its resolution, position, transparency, and more. Click OK to save the adjustment and go back.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Step 3. Toggle on the button of the webcam to activate Facecam. Enable System Sound and Microphone if you need it. When you are ready, click the REC button on the right-hand side to start the recording.

customize the size of the recording area

Step 4. You can volume up or down your voice or the system audio during the recording to adjust the background music. Click Stop to end the recording. If you need it to automatically stop recording, click the button with the clock icon and set up the duration of the Facecam videos.

save the recording

Now you can preview your Facecam video then share it to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and more in one click.

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How do You Get a Facecam on the Phone

If you play mobile games, you may want to record Facecam video on your phone, that is to say, to record both your face and the gameplay in the video. Unfortunately, no screen recorder comes with a Facecam feature designed for a mobile phone. Neither your android smartphone nor iPhone has direct access to Facecam.

Fortunately, you can still make a similar “Let’s Play” video by capturing activities on your phone with Facecam included. You may try out these two easy ways:

Project the phone screen onto your computer, then use the Movavi Screen Recorder to simultaneously record your phone’s screen and Facecam.

Record iPhone Screen with Facecam

As shown in some YouTube videos, you can use two mobile phones, one to record your face with its front camera, and the other to record the gameplay. Then the two videos can be combined with video editing software such as iMovie.

But both the methods may not support recording Facecam and screen simultaneously.

All the above are the three feasible solutions to record Facecam, or say, record your face and screen at the same time to make a “Let’s Play” video. Desktop utilities such as Movavi Screen Recorder are more applicable as it not only serves as a Facecam recorder but also bundles with editing tools to enhance your video recording. Give it a try and create a Facecam.

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