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How to Track Someone’s iPhone Without Knowing in 2023

Tracking iPhone was a complex task taking into consideration that Jailbreak was necessary for every iPhone to get tracking software on it. Now if you ask: How can I track someone’s iPhone without them knowing? You will probably get the answer: You can do it with spy apps without Jailbreak!

They offer you a wide range of tools for monitoring and tracking any mobile device. You only need physical access over the mobile for downloading the app invisibly and it will start tracking in a hidden manner. The mobile user will be unable to know that their mobile is tracked or spied on.

Looking for a good iPhone GPS tracking app? mSpy works in a completely hidden way and makes the user know about the GPS location of an iPhone. This application is NOT FREE, but it will give you all the correct information instantaneously as soon as the person changes the iPhone location.

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Best Way to Track Someone Else’s iPhone Without Them Knowing

Best Way to Track Someone Else’s iPhone Without Them Knowing

If you’re here searching for answers to how to track an iPhone location without the person knowing, you’re probably new to this field. But whether you’re an advanced tech expert or you’re uninitiated, mSpy gives you the best spying tool the spying world has to offer. 

One of the longest-standing spying apps in the world today, mSpy is a product of trailblazing excellence. It gives you all the spy features you need to locate someone’s iPhone, regardless of your level of technical expertise. You can set it up to begin monitoring your target iPhone in just a few simple steps. After that, you can log into your user-friendly dashboard from the comfort of your device to check up on your target.

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If you are concerned about your child’s location, worry if your spouse is where they stated they would be, or simply want to check if your employees are at the office during their working time, the mSpy iPhone locator comes in handy. With this advanced spying software, you can sit back and calmly let mSpy do the work.

Some of the most impressive spying tools that you can put to use when tracking an iPhone without the owner knowing with mSpy:

  • Call tracking
  • SMS monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • GPS tracker
  • Keylogger
  • Keyword alert
  • Browser monitoring
  • Remote screenshots

However, note that in order to activate some of these advanced features, the target iPhone needs to be jailbroken. But mSpy 24/7 technical support team is always eager to help you implement the jailbreaking process safely so that doesn’t expose the device to malicious threats. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about issues that may occur during your use of the mSpy app.

How to Install mSpy to Secretly Track an iPhone?

If you’re content with a few important spy features, you can sidestep the jailbreak process and go for the simple installation. With the simple installation, you don’t need physical access to the target phone. The app siphons phone data from the target’s iCloud account. But this requires the target’s iCloud credentials and the activation of iCloud syncing on the target phone.

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Here’s how the simple installation process works:

Step 1. Sign Up for the mSpy iPhone Subscription

You need to sign up for the mSpy account and then choose a suitable iPhone subscription plan.

Sign Up for the mSpy iPhone Subscription

Step 2. Download and Install mSpy on Your Phone

Check your mailbox for the confirmation email and follow through with the instructions you’ll find there to download and install the app on your phone. You’ll have to insert your target’s iCloud credentials at this stage. Note that you need to ensure that your target’s account isn’t protected by two-factor authentication (however, now mSpy can spy on target devices with 2FA). No matter which OS your target’s phone runs, whether it’s an iOS 7, or already an iOS 16, mSpy will get you covered.

Download and Install mSpy on Your Phone

Step 3. Start cell phone location tracking without the person knowing

You can begin tracking your target the moment those first two steps are completed. Now, all you’ll now have to do to check up on your target’s iPhone data is to log into your mSpy dashboard on your phone and navigate with a few clicks to whichever category of data you want to access.

Start cell phone location tracking without the person knowing

Best Method for Tracking iPhone from Android

While iPhones might integrate security add-ons to limit third-party spying, monitoring solutions like mSpy are getting the job done regardless.

mSpy features incorporate catchy names. To make iPhone tracking easy, mSpy has a unique add-on – Pinpoint.

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Reminiscent of the GPS location tracking solutions on other apps, mSpy’s pinpoint goes a step further. While it deciphers the target’s real-time whereabouts, you have access to a detailed report of their previous locations.

That said, you can set geofencing alerts on the target’s device. Here, all you need to do is select a designated danger zone. Immediately they enter the ambits of this vicinity, mSpy sends a “Magic Alert” to your device.

To get these functionalities and more, you’ll need to go through the installation. With mSpy’s “Friendly Installer” in the mix, you can go through this process in two ways.

First off, locally sync the iPhone you intend to track. While you need physical access to the target’s device for the first time, setting this up will see mSpy gain full access to their phones once they connect to your local Wi-Fi service.

The second medium? iCloud credentials. When you input these details on your mSpy dashboard, it’s time to go through verification using the 2FA code sent to the target’s device. Once you’ve gone through these hoops, you have instant access to the iPhone.

How to Track iPhone Location by Phone Number?

Interestingly, some spying software is marketed as apps that track iPhone locations using just the phone number. A typical example is the Localize app, which claims to have the capacity for tracking just about any phone number in the world.

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The creators also claim the app can use phone numbers to track phones regardless of the cell phone network and the makes and models of the phone. They also claim it’s a web-based application that doesn’t require you to download and install any app on any device.

According to the website, Localize works by sending a deceitful text message to the phone number. When the text is opened, it automatically installs a tracker on the target phone. You’ll then be able to log into the web app on any device to view your target’s location.

How to Track iPhone Location by Phone Number?

How to Track an iPhone Without Them Knowing for Free?

You’ll find loads of search results on Google and other search engines for the term ‘how to track an iPhone without them knowing for free”. However, the reality is that there’s no such solution that’s genuinely free. Any app that’s peddled as a totally free iPhone spy app is most likely a scam, and any authentic app that’s free will only remain so for just a few days.

You can try out some top-notch iPhone spy apps, including mSpy or eyeZy, for free for a few days. mSpy and some others also offer a money-back guarantee for a period of time, so it’ll end up not costing you a thing if you decide not to carry on with the app.

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Most iPhone tracking solutions peddled as totally free are cracked apps, which are notorious for their malicious effects. It’s easy for hackers to inject malicious codes into cracked apps. In fact, in most places, apps like cracked apps are completely outlawed.

Find My — Official iPhone AppHow to Track any iPhone Without them Knowing in 2022

One clever way to track an iPhone for free is by using Apple’s “Find My” (ex. Find My iPhone). However, you need your target’s iCloud credentials for this, and you’ll only end up with access to the target’s cell phone’s location.

To use this method, sign in to iCloud.com/find or the Find My iPhone app with your target’s Apple credentials, and then select the device you want to track. You’ll then have access to the target phone’s real-time GPS location. However, the tracking features of the app are limited and the process is not stealthy.

Who Can Use iPhone Trackers?

This software can be used by anyone, but there are legal clauses for professional tracking of mobile. Personal tracking for a family is not included in this legal structure.

While most apps to hack iPhone requires physical access to the target phone, mSpy can be installed remotely — all you need to do is enter your target’s Apple ID, and you’re good to go.

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