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How to Spoof Pokémon Go Location with VOMS (No Root)

If you live in a rural area, you may need to change GPS location if you want to enjoy playing Pokémon Go. You’d get better gameplay and more fantastic battle in Pokémon Go when playing in a highly-populated area. If you can’t afford to travel miles, you can easily spoof your phone’s location. But this will expose you to account suspension or termination.

Don’t worry. With VMOS, you can safely spoof your location on Android devices to play Pokémon Go without getting your account banned. If you are wondering how VMOS works or whether it still works despite Pokémon Go’s recent updates, you’d get to learn that and more in this article. Also, we will recommend a safe way to spoof location on iPhone without jailbreak.

What is VMOS and Is It Safe to Use?

VMOS or Virtual Machine Operating System is an app that can be installed on Android 5.1 and later versions. In a nutshell, VMOS lets you run another Android OS virtually. And the best part is that VMOS gives you access to Google Play Store and other Google apps.

How to Spoof Pokémon Go Location with VOMS [No Root]

But is it safe to use this app? Well, VMOS is one of the safest spoofing solutions for Android devices. This is because VMOS creates two separate Android systems on the same device. So, if you want to spoof your location to play Pokémon Go, it’s wise to have VMOS installed on your Android.

Nevertheless, even though it is safe to use VMOS to spoof locations to play Pokémon Go, avoid misusing it. Because you can, doesn’t mean you should take long jumps or do anything that will make Pokémon Go admin suspicious of your account.

Does VMOS Still Work for Pokémon Go?

The answer is YES. Even with the recent update of Pokémon Go, VMOS can still be used to spoof locations to play the game. Although after the update, many VMOS users complained of having issues playing Pokémon Go virtually. But eventually, VMOS developers were able to come up with fixes for these issues.

While VMOS allows players to play Pokémon Go virtually, it’s vital to stretch the importance of moderation. Provided you keep things moderate in the game and don’t jump too high, you will likely stay safe on the game. Unfortunately, VMOS wouldn’t work on any Android device that isn’t rooted.

Can I Use VMOS without Rooting?

As we mentioned above, VMOS wouldn’t work on an Android device that is not rooted. The is one of the downsides to using VMOS. To use VMOS for geo-spoofing, you’d need to give it access to your device root directories. This is why rooting your device is necessary before you can proceed to install VMOS.

Rooting your Android device voids the warranty. But if you don’t mind this, then go ahead with the rooting process. Rooting your Android device opens the door to several benefits like compatibility with VMOS.

How to Spoof Pokémon Go Location with VMOS?

Please note that you cannot spoof your location for Pokémon Go with only VMOS. VMOS is simply a virtual machine, so you’d still need a geo-spoofing app to work along with it. Below are the steps on how to install and use VMOS on Android devices.

Step 1: Install VMOS and Enable Root Access

Go to VMOS’s official website to download the app on your Android phone. Once downloaded, tap on it to grant permission to install the app on your phone.

When VMOS is installed successfully, go to Settings, scroll down to About Phone, and tap on the Build Number seven times to enable the Developer Options on your Android device. After that, go to Settings > Developer Options and enable root access.

How to Spoof Pokémon Go Location with VOMS [No Root]

Step 2: Download Additional Apps

As mentioned above, you’d need other apps to spoof your device location to play Pokémon Go safely. These apps include:

  • GPS Joystick – to spoof your location
  • VFIN Android – to bypass Pokemon Go
  • ES File Explorer – to have access to the root directory
  • Lucky Patcher – to modify apps

Note some of these apps are available on Play Store, while you’d have to download others from third-party sources.

Step 3: Change the Location Services and Find My Device Settings

Ensure the native location services of your smartphones are off. Go to Settings, scroll down to Location and turn it off.

How to Spoof Pokémon Go Location with VOMS [No Root]

After that, go to System Settings in VMOS, scroll down to Security and find Other Security > Device Administrations to disable Find My Device.

How to Spoof Pokémon Go Location with VOMS [No Root]

Lastly, go to VMOS Settings, scroll down to System Settings, and then Location and turn it on. You can also set its accuracy to High on VMOS and not on your actual system.

How to Spoof Pokémon Go Location with VOMS [No Root]

Step 4: Make Needed Changes in Your System

  • After completing these steps, you should install and grant GPS Joystick, Lucky Patcher, and ES File Explorer the root permission.
  • Ensure that GPS Joystick is marked as a system app. Then go to VMOS and use the “Move To” option to move GPS Joystick to the System > Apps folder.
  • Now use ES File Explorer to find the Joystick folder under the Data > App folder and move it to the Apps folder under System. If the Move is successful, reboot VMOS and enable “Root Explorer” for ES File Explorer.

How to Spoof Pokémon Go Location with VOMS [No Root]

This will enable you to go to the System folder to delete the “xbin” folder. You can now uninstall the Lucky Patcher application so Pokémon Go wouldn’t detect it.

How to Spoof Pokémon Go Location with VOMS [No Root]

Step 5: Spoof Location for Pokémon Go

Now launch VFIN and go to the “Kill Processes” feature. Use this feature to kill every Pokémon Go process running in the background. Open GPS Joystick and enter the exact coordinate you want to move to. This will spoof the location of your device to the coordinate you inputted.

Extra Tip: Spoof Pokémon Go for iPhone without Jailbreak

VMOS is a tool targeted at Android devices. So, how can iPhone users spoof locations for Pokémon Go without jailbreak? One way to safely fake GPS location for iPhone to anywhere in the world is using iOS Location Changer. Using it, you can jump to any location on the map with just a click. The new location will be shown in all location-based app and services on your iOS device. Also, it gives users the power to plan customized routes – two-spot and multi-spot.

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Steps to fake iPhone location for Pokémon Go without jailbreak:

Step 1: Download and install this iOS Location Spoofer on your computer. Launch it, and on the first page, you’d see a location changer itself.

iOS Location Changer

Step 2: Connect your iPhone via a USB cable to your computer and then click “Enter.”

spoof iphone location

Step 3: Once the device is connected and the map is loaded successfully, click on the search box and type the place you want to change. Then click “Start to Modify” below the location to change.

change iphone gps location

That’s it! iOS Location Changer will change your device’s GPS location instantly, letting you easily collect Pokémon in the selected location.


Whether you are an occasional or avid Pokémon Go player, VMOS is an app to take advantage of. VMOS is not a spoofing app itself, but it lets you safely spoof your location when used with a geo-spoofing app. VMOS, combined with the right geo-spoofing app, is so effective that even Pokémon Go wouldn’t detect you’re spoofing your location. So, spoof your location today to collect Pokémon and complete quests in Pokémon Go with many users across the globe.

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