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[Solved] Not Working?

Is not working when you need to download videos from YouTube? You are not alone as so many people have met the same problem.

As a famous online video download platform, runs well in most cases, in other times it just doesn’t work for no reason, for example, “the download link not found”. This is very annoying particularly when you are in great need of downloading videos from YouTube.

So, we collect the problems you might encounter in today’s passage and we wish the solutions we provide can settle your problem by downloading the video online.

Why the Not Work [Solutions Include]

However, although you have successfully installed the extension, Helper just won’t work. Perhaps it is because the download link is not found in or the download button doesn’t show. Here is a list of problems with using Some of them are offered workarounds while others are not due to some known and unidentified factors.

(1) It appears as an error, saying “suspicious extensions are blocked” in Google Chrome.

Solution: Google Chrome blocks the installation of any extensions not registered in the online Chrome store. We suggest installing other supported websites, like Opera. In case of Opera is not suitable for you, you can use any other browser that supports the helper extension: Mozilla Firefox, or Comodo Dragon.

(2) How to continue downloading if the download accidentally stopped.

Solution: Use download managers to solve problems with downloading.

(3)”I used to be able to download videos with a click of the green button but now it only pops up a playback window instead of a download dialog.”

Solution: After showing the playback, click on the video with the right button and select “save as”.

(4) Cannot download YouTube videos in Safari browser.

Solution: Before downloading a video, hold down the button and then the download button.

(5) After updating my Tampermonkey user script, my downloader stopped working.

Solution: Remove the extension from Tampermonkey and re-install the Helper again.

(6) No extension coming in Facebook for download, not showing the green arrow.

Solution: Make sure you have already updated your website and to the latest version. And then re-install the extension.

  • Other typical troubles in using to download website videos:
  • I have the green arrow, but it just won’t download. Instead, I get a “No Links were Found Message”. / Download links not found on Facebook.
  • Can’t download 1080p video/ only audio track/Twitch.
  • Pop-up advertisements after clicking on the download option and see no new download task.
  • While downloading a video, it suddenly stops and then starts again. But after the download is completed, the video is not playing.

Solution: Due to technical issues, some problems remain to be solved. The best solution is to try a alternative.

100% Effective SaveFrom Alternative – Download Videos from YouTube Easily

So, here I introduce Online Video Downloader which is the optimum alternative to It’s a multipurpose desktop video downloader. The reason I don’t recommend online tools is that they inevitably have some drawbacks and you can also find many of them on the Google result page.

Compared with online tools, Online Video Downloader is more stable, faster, and safer. It has a clean main interface with no ads or pop-up windows. You can download an online video by copying and pasting the video link, the same steps as for But Online Video Downloader performs more stable and is not affected by any other unknown factors and restrictions. Batch download at a quick speed is also available in this powerful software. It is so versatile that it can convert video into MP3 to satisfy your utmost demand.

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Here are the steps with YouTube video download as an example.

Step 1. Download Online Video Downloader. Please note that choose the right version(Windows/Mac). Then launch the powerful tool.

Step 2. Open the page to play your favorite video that you want to download, and copy the link from the address bar above the browser by right-clicking or hotkey (Ctrl+C).

[Solved] Not Working?

Step 3. Go back to Online Video Downloader. Then paste the copied content into the text box. Press the “Analyze” button to the next step.

Paste the Video Link

Step 4. After analyzing, it will pop up a window for you to choose the video format or quality. Make your choice and then select “Download” to start downloading the YouTube Videos.


So far, I have not met any problems while using Online Video Downloader to download videos from the Internet. To my amazement, it can download videos in batches and in good quality. So do not hesitate to try it!

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