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Spotify Hacks in 2023: What You Need to Know

Spotify is indeed one of the leading platforms offering the best music streaming services to users. With the subscription fee that is being paid by each subscriber monthly, they can get to enjoy all those exclusive perks that the app has. Of course, free account users will face limitations along the way.

Though there are several advantages that one can get from subscribing to one of Spotify’s premium plans (which includes the ability to download songs for offline streaming), we can’t blame others who aren’t really into paying 9.99 USD or 14.99 USD per month. These amounts somehow are huge when accumulated. Now, if you are tired of paying the monthly fee, or you are a free Spotify user who can’t afford to get a subscription plan, you are surely interested in these Spotify hacks in 2023.

If you are one of those users who would wish to enjoy your Spotify favorites without paying a certain fee in a consistent manner, knowing more about the modified or hacked version of the Spotify app in 2023 will definitely make sense and will surely help you out. This post will be presenting some modified or cracked version apps in 2023 that you can check, apply or use as you like!

Part 1. Hacked Version App of Spotify in 2023 for Mobile Device Users

Surely, most Spotify lovers are into streaming their favorites using their mobile and handy devices. Thus, it will be so much helpful to know about these Spotify hacks in 2023 that one can apply or use on their mobile gadgets. We will be sharing some for both Android and iOS users.

For Android Users

Most Android users are surely interested in knowing these modded Spotify cracked apps in 2023 that they can use. We have here two tools to share.

Spotify Premium MOD APK

Spotify Hacks In 2022: What You Need To Know

This Spotify Premium MOD APK can help Android users enjoy Spotify features and perks for free – unlimited skips, no ad pop-ups, and even high-quality audio output. However, though seems too good, you have to take note that this lacks the offline playback feature.

Thus, you still can’t have the tracks played without a network or data connection. You can’t have this downloaded from the Google Play Store but this is available on the web and can be downloaded anytime. Before you install this on your Android gadget, make sure to uninstall the original Spotify app first. Here is also a tutorial for your reference.

Step 1. Head to the web and download the latest version of Spotify Premium MOD APK. This is free of charge.

Step 2. You will be noticing that you’ll get a file that is in zip format. Has this been unzipped to continue? If you don’t know how to, a tool like this ES File Explorer can help.

Step 3. Once unzipped, locate the file and open it through ES Zip Viewer. To proceed with the installation, you just need to follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 4. Now, once the installation process has been successfully done, you may now log into your account and stream your Spotify favorites with almost all the premium perks!

Spotify Lucky Patcher

Spotify Hacks In 2022: What You Need To Know

Apart from Spotify Premium MOD APK, you can also check this Spotify Lucky Patcher, which is also one of the best Spotify hacks in 2023. This can hack in-app purchases and currencies, resources, or items that require one to spend money via credit cards. This isn’t available on iOS devices and can only be used by Android users.

You need to download this Spotify Lucky Patcher first. Under settings, the option to install from unknown sources must also be enabled to continue with the installation procedure. Once done installing, open it and then select the Spotify icon. Next, click the “Open Menu of Patches” option, then the “Custom Patch” button. Then launch the Spotify app. Check if the “Shuffle All” option is not available. If it disappeared, the process is then complete. Finally, head to the “7 Days Trial” menu and tick the subscription button. Now, move to your device’s “Settings” to modify the date. You can decide on what date to put.

For iOS Users

Of course, since we shared Spotify hacks in 2023 for Android, we will also be presenting here a Spotify hack in 2023 for iOS device owners.


iOS device users can try using Spotify++. This is a cracked version of the Spotify app that lets one enjoy the Premium Spotify features for free. However, the same as the hacks shared for Android users, this also won’t let the users enjoy the offline playback feature.

This was created by a third-party developer and so, this isn’t available on the Apple App Store and needs to be downloaded either from AppValley. You may refer to the below tutorial for the installation and use. This is assuming you are to download it through AppValley.

Step 1. On your iPad or iPhone, head to the homepage of AppValley using Safari. Tap the “Install” button that you’ll see. Afterward, click “Allow”. Tap the “Close” button, and then move to “Settings” – Profile Downloaded. There is an “Install” button at the top right that you have to tap. Afterward, select the “Done” button. By doing this, you can have AppValley successfully installed on your device.

Spotify Hacks In 2022: What You Need To Know

Step 2. Launch AppValley and then look for Spotify++. This is usually in the featured section. To install, just simply tap the “GET” button next to it. After doing so, a pop-up notification will appear on your screen. You now need to move to “Settings”, choose “General”, then “Profile & Device Management” and finally, tap “CISDI Information Technology CO., LTD.”. Choose “Trust”.

Spotify Hacks In 2022: What You Need To Know

Step 3. Open the Spotify app and log in with your account credentials. When checked under the “Account”, you shall notice that you are now using a premium account. However, again, remember that you can’t download the songs for offline listening.

Using the above Spotify hacks in 2023 could somehow be beneficial and useful. However, you should also be keen on the possible consequences of using such. When detected by Spotify on either Android or Apple system that you are using hacked or cracked version, your account might suffer and might be banned.

Rather than using a modded Spotify cracked app, why not find a better way (that is proven to be safe) to stream your Spotify favorites? We have that in the next part!

Part 2. Best Way to Download Spotify Tracks

The use of these Spotify hacks in 2023 could be very risky. Rather than sacrifice your account, just find a better way to enjoy listening to your favorite Spotify songs offline without thinking too much! Try downloading them through an app like this Spotify Music Converter.

Spotify Music Converter is a trusted app that lets one remove Spotify songs’ DRM protection as well as aid in the conversion of the tracks to common formats like MP3, FLAC, AAC, and WAV. Now, you can play Spotify on PS4, Alexa, or other devices with these flexible format files. You can also add these music files to the video app to customize your background music.

This is also fast enough to let one process a lot and save time. While using this, you can also ensure that the output files will maintain the original quality as well as the songs’ ID tags and metadata details.

The app is also being updated by the team consistently to ensure that users will always experience all the improvements and updates. The technical and customer support teams of Spotify Music Converter are also always available to help out in case needed.

Free DownloadFree Download

For your reference, here is a guide on how you can use this Spotify Music Converter to convert and download your Spotify favorites.

Step 1. Once all installation needs are met, have this app installed on your PC and launch it. Start by adding the Spotify songs to be converted and processed.

music downloader

Step 2. Choose an output format to use and modify all the other remaining output parameter settings as you wish.

music converter settings

Step 3. After finishing the setup, you can now tick the “Convert All” button that is at the bottom area of the screen. This will then trigger the app to begin the transformation process as well as the DRM removal procedure.

Download Spotify Music

In a few minutes, expect that the converted Spotify songs that are also DRM-free will now be available in the output folder that was defined in step 2. You can now enjoy limitless streaming and even save the songs on your devices forever!


Getting to know about these Spotify hacks in 2023 is surely interesting especially because they are capable of letting you enjoy Spotify without requiring any fee. However, hacked or cracked versions are usually risky and might pose danger not only to your PC or files but as well as to your account. So, to be on the safe side, just always rely on trusted and reliable ways such as using tools like Spotify Music Converter to enjoy your Spotify favorites!

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