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How to Keep Spotify Music after Canceling Subscription (2023 Update)

Spotify has implemented some clever protection mechanisms in their songs in case of unsubscribing to their offered packages. One of them is DRM. As this can really be annoying and even frustrating sometimes, we’ll find ways to go around this through a third-party tool.

As so much as Spotify wants to protect its songs from music piracy, they also limit the user’s freedom of control over their media. Some people who have played their tracks hundreds of times simply want to be able to keep that music, back it up, and play it on other media players. If Spotify renders their songs useless after unsubscribing from them then there should be a way around this. In this article, we’ll find a simple and affordable solution to always keep and back up your Spotify songs.

If you’re interested to learn more about music converting, DRM removal, audio recording, and music downloading, then this third-party tool that we’ll mention later is a fit for your needs.

Part 1. What Happens to Downloaded Songs When I Cancel Spotify Premium?

When you cancel your premium subscription then the songs you have downloaded from Spotify will no longer work. This is actually not good news for many users of the service. This will render their songs useless on their drives or phones. If they do not have a solution then they might delete these songs which are actually recoverable.

So if you want to keep Spotify Music after unsubscription, will it have any use at all? Some of these songs have valuable memories, even sentimental ones at times. There might even be a relation to which storage media you have saved them on. Imagine you were on a date then that music played on your favorite smartphone, offline with a premium subscription.

Keep Spotify Music after Unsubscription (2022 Update)

These are all due to Spotify’s protection mechanism to safeguard their songs from music pirates. But you are not a music pirate, right? You’ve listened to these songs multiple times already and have paid your subscription fees every time. Eventually, you just want to keep these songs stored somewhere safe where you can play them anytime and anywhere you want.

The next section will help you solve these issues. We’ll introduce something that truly understands your concern. The music streaming services of course are driven more on the profit side so they’ll not be able to address this. A third-party tool with varying license key duration and costs should help you with this.

Part 2. Can You Keep Downloaded Music from Spotify after Canceling Subscription?

The third-party tool app that can keep Spotify Music after canceling subscription is Spotify Music Converter. This converter can download, convert, record, and remove DRM. It’s an all-in-one solution dedicated to all you Spotify fans.

Spotify Music Converter has a neat GUI that also integrates an embedded web browser. This browser allows you to run the Spotify Web Player on the app. With this feature, you’ll not be lost in the steps to pick and download your files. It’s so easy to use, no special audio conversion skills are necessary. Just point and click and you’re ready to go.

Download the Spotify Music Converter below: The download contains the free trial. Use it for 30 days to get a feel of what it’s like. If you’re already comfortable using it we suggest either getting a time-limited or perpetual license key. This will disable the 3-minute cap song conversion limit the trial version has.

Free DownloadFree Download

This will also give access to timely and critical updates that the software needs in order to blend with Spotify’s Web Player changes. Being a third-party tool app, this is an important feature that other free Spotify converters or downloaders don’t have. They also have a 24-hour guaranteed email support system that sets them apart from others.

So the steps to keep Spotify Music after unsubscription are listed below. Note that it’s recommended to do these steps first before unsubscribing from Spotify.

Step 1. Open the Spotify Music Converter.

music downloader

Step 2. Choose a Playlist, Album, Artist, or other categories to get into the song list. Then copy and paste the URL into the Spotify Music Converter.

music converter settings

Step 3. Click the “Convert” button to download the music from Spotify.

Download Spotify Music

When finished converting go to the Finished tab. This should display all your converted songs. To go directly to your output files click the “Open” button.

Part 3. Now You Have Kept Spotify Music after Canceling Subscription!

Congratulations! Keeping Spotify Music after canceling subscription is a special process not readily known by everyone. If you have learned a lot from this then hope you can share it with your friends who also use Spotify. It’s almost sure they also have the same issue. Keeping Spotify Music after the unsubscription is a common problem that probably no one talks about so much. It’s not a thing to be ashamed especially if you need to go down your cost of living by unsubscribing to Spotify Music.

The main app to use is Spotify Music Converter. It’s a more stable and up-to-date free Spotify downloader than the other less-known converters. Best of all you’ll get software upgrades and customer support that you truly need. Download the trial version today.

Free DownloadFree Download

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