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Best Spy Apps for Android Phones: Hidden & Undetectable

“Is it true that we can spy on any Android phone without physically accessing it? Do you know about a spy app for Android without the target phone?”

Tired of chasing shadows? The best spy apps for Android can be your key to vital information about your target’s phone activities. These apps can put key personnel information about anyone right in your palms, regardless of your technical expertise.

Once you’ve made up your mind to spy on an Android phone, the only major impediment you’ll have will most likely be finding out the best spy app for Android. We’ve had our own fair share of lies and betrayals that lead us to go searching for the best methods to keep track of someone behind their back.

Driven by a passion for helping others who may be going through what we’ve experienced and don’t wish on anyone, we’ve invested ourselves in finding and testing out the best tools for spying on Android phones and tablets like Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, etc. The research draws from personal experience, first-hand use of these tools, consultations with other industry experts, and reviews from verified app users.

We’ll show you exactly how these spy apps can help you stay a step ahead of your target. Then we’ll discuss what to look for when searching for these spy apps, as well as any questions that you might have in mind about spyware for Android.

Can Android Phones Be Spied On?

A seamless user experience, a massive ecosystem of apps, and industry-best security features are some of the open secrets behind Android’s growing dominance in the mobile OS landscape. Android is a product of concerted efforts from the best software designers and engineers in the world and is constantly getting updated and upgraded.

However, as with most technologies meant for mass consumption, a few design flaws are to be expected. Unfortunately, in the case of Android, these design gaps are wide enough to put over a billion Android devices at serious risk of getting hacked.

One of the most widely explored vulnerabilities of Android is the susceptibility to hacking techniques that use remote codes. With remote hacking codes, a sophisticated hacker can execute various operations on a target phone remotely.

However, techniques like remote codes are not accessible to everyday people because they require extensive technical expertise. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for everyday people to hack an Android phone. The best spy apps for Android give you as many capabilities to track your target’s Android phone as remote code hacking techniques, including the ability to view data and make changes on the target phone.

Top 10 Spy Apps for Android Devices (Free & Paid)

We’ve put in copious hours of research to pick the best undetectable spy software for Android. Our picks have common characteristics that distinguish them from the rest and give you highly reliable Android tracking software capabilities.

mSpy — The Most Powerful Android Spy App

mSpy — The Most Powerful Android Spy App

mSpy is the most powerful Android spy app on our list, thanks to an unparalleled array of spying features. mSpy provides a massive collection of both basic and advanced spying features and makes it quite easy for you to deploy them.

mSpy is designed to monitor everything on Android phones and manage the data and usage of a device. It is a free spy app for Android undetectable. You can track your target’s calls, texts, and activities on popular social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, etc., with a smooth learning curve. With mSpy’s remote screenshot recorder, you can monitor your target’s activities on WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media without having to root the cell phone — something that’s required by most other Android phone trackers.

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  • Parents can spy on their kids and keep themselves familiar with their activities.
  • With the help of this spy app, you can also get to know the current location of the user.


  • Features like the recording of calls and activation of the camera secretly are not available.

eyeZy — The Best Remote Control Spy App

eyeZy — The Best Remote Control Spy App

Next on our list is eyeZy, the most outstanding app in the parental control category. eyeZy provides parents with a well-rounded collection of tools to monitor and regulate their kid’s activities.

With this Android monitoring software, parents can easily deploy features like app blocking, alerts for keywords and communication attempts from certain contacts, remote locking, and remote microphone activation.

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Cocospy — The Best Undetectable Android Spy AppBest Spy Apps for Android Phones: Hidden & Undetectable

Cocospy – Top Multipurpose Phone Tracker

As its name suggests, one thing that you can surely count on Cocospy for is its undetectable Android monitoring operations. With Cocospy, you can execute myriads of phone tracking activities without ever having to worry about getting caught, thanks to its lightweight design and high-tech algorithm.

Furthermore, the app boasts round-the-clock customer support, so you can always solve any issues quickly.

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KidsGuard Pro — The Best Phone Tracker App With Advanced Features


With KidsGuard Pro, you’ll get access to highly advanced spy features you can hardly find anywhere else, including remote call recording. Thanks to a well-rounded collection of parental control features, you can also track and control what your kids do on over 30 different apps.

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Spyic — The Best Free Spy App for Parents

Spyic — The Best Free Spy App for Parents

Spyic lines up a well-rounded collection of tracking and remote control tools for parents to keep their kids safe, all for free. These tools have helped thousands of parents across the globe to protect their kids both online and offline.

With this free Android spy app, you can view your target’s calls, SMS, contact list, multimedia files, and social media activities.

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Hoverwatch — The Best Cross-Compatible Android Spy AppBest Spy Apps for Android Phones: Hidden & Undetectable

hoverwatch website

Hoverwatch is a monitoring app that’s ideal not only for parents but also for employees, thanks to its relatively wider compatibility. If you want to monitor and control your employee’s activities not only on Android 11 but on other devices, including workplace computers, Hoverwatch is a great option.

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FlexiSPY — The Most Reliable Android Spy AppBest Spy Apps for Android Phones: Hidden & Undetectable

flexispy review

If you want a no-frills spy app that lets you deploy a wide range of phone spying features whenever you want to without fail, you should consider FlexiSPY. With FlexiSPY, you can deploy highly advanced spy features without any complex technical steps or technical hiccups, from live call interception to call recording, remote camera activation, GPS tracking, plus lots more.


  • You’ll have access to the internet browsing history.
  • It will grab the deleted text of the targeted phone.
  • You can listen to the live phone call and record the call.
  • You can take a photo from the target phone remotely.


  • It may be a bit expensive.

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Highster Mobile — Spy App With the Best Dollar-to-Feature Ratio

Highster Mobile

If you’re looking for a decent Android spy app that gives you a great bang out for your bucks, you should consider Highster Mobile. Although the app isn’t nearly as sophisticated as others like mSpy and eyeZy, it does pack a punch of mobile spy tools at a reasonably low price.

While you may be disappointed if you were expecting the sun and the moon from it, you can still enjoy a decent collection of tracking tools at a giveaway price, including calls, SMS, social media, GPS tracking, etc.

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Google Family Link — The Best Free Location Tracker

Google Family Link is a community-driven initiative by Google aimed at keeping families safe. It provides a free platform for family members to share their location with each other easily.

Note, however, that this free Android spy app has quite a narrow set of tracking tools compared to other trackers on this list.

Pegasus — The Best Emerging Spyware for Android

The word Pegasus now has a certain ringer to it in the phone spying industry, thanks to a new spy app with the same name, which has been fingered in a spate of high-profile phone-hacking cases across the globe.

Initially released by an Israeli-American firm for use in high-profile security operations against terrorism by National governments, Pegasus is a one-of-a-kind remote spy app. Named after the winged mythical Greek creature, Pegasus can be sent ‘flying in the air,’ enabling you to spy on Android phones remotely without ever needing physical access to the phones.

However, as stated earlier, the app was initially meant for high-profile security use cases and is only available to people who want to use it for national security reasons.

How to Use the Spy App for Android?

Since you only have to access the target phone once to use mSpy, it can be considered a perfect spy app for Android without the target phone. To use it, you can follow these simple steps.

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1. Create your new account by providing your email id and setting up a password.

mspy create an account

2. In the next window, you need to provide some basic information about the device you wish to hack and its user.

select your device

3. Great! You are almost there. All you need to do is access the target device and install the mSpy tracking app on it. To do this, you might need to go to Settings > Security and turn on the app download from unknown sources.

4. After that, just visit mSpy’s website and download its tracking app. While logging in, make sure that you provide your own credentials.

5. Grant the app the needed permissions and start tracking the device. Also, you can delete the app icon and let it run in stealth mode.

6. That’s it! You can easily spy on the device by using its Control Panel mobile app or from its web-based dashboard. Log in with your account details and gain extensive access to its data.

mspy whatsapp


What Is the Best Free Spy App for Android?

mSpy is the best spy app for Android because it checks more boxes for spy app features than any other spy app out there. From seamless download and installation processes to a highly streamlined user interface and an unparalleled collection of basic and advanced spying tools, mSpy gives you all you need in a spy app.

What’s more, mSpy offers a free demo version, so you can get a good feel of these features and only then pay a very attractive price.

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Do Cell Phone Spy Apps Really Work?

Like most other product markets on the internet, the spyware market is filled with liars and deceitful people who just want to flip a dime off people. But below this layer of corrupt vendors is a solid base of long-established spy apps that have been tested and proven over time.

Top spy apps for Android work with state-of-the-art technology to deliver flawless spying operations. They give you remote control and remote viewing capabilities to track your target’s phone, all through a simple process that is a straightforward learning curve with no technical requirements.

Is it Possible To Spy on Android Phone Without Target Phone?

In a nutshell – you can’t spy on any Android device without accessing the target phone at least once. You might see lots of gimmicks out there, advertising a spy app for Android without the target phone. After buying the app, you will be told to install it on the target device. This false advertisement leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Therefore, if you are using a spy app for Android without a target phone, you need to understand that it will require you to access the device at least once. After installing the app on the device, you can later track it remotely.

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Is It Necessary to Root Your Android Device to Spy?

Rooting is the process of changing the administration rules for an Android phone user. These rules are preset by the factory and limit the phone owners from executing certain actions on the phone for security reasons.

When you root a phone, you can authorize certain actions required for certain features of spy apps to work on the phone. But you might expose the phone to greater security risks in doing so.

Most phone spy apps for Android require rooting to gain access to certain types of files on the target phone, such as social media data and messages from Instant Messenger apps. However, top-notch spyware for Android phones like mSpy provides users with a way around the dilemma of getting more spying features at the expense of the phone’s security.

You can use mSpy’s remote screenshot feature — which doesn’t require rooting — to take a peek at what your target is doing on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and TikTok.

Can Android Spyware Be Installed Remotely?

Yes and No. It’s not possible for people with little or no technical experience to install spyware remotely on an Android phone all on their own so that rules out remote installation for most people.

High-tech spy apps that can be installed remotely like Pegasus APK require high-level security clearance from government agencies. And only highly trained hackers can install tracking programs on an Android device using remote code.

But readily-available spy apps like mSpy require a brief moment with the target phone for a quick download and installation process. This enables the app to gain access to the target phone’s data. Once installed, hidden spy apps for Android delve deep below the surface of the OS, where they mine the phone’s data constantly without giving off any traceable signals on the phone.

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How to Find Hidden Spy Apps on Android?

Best Spy Apps for Android Phones: Hidden & Undetectable

If you suspect that someone is spying on you with spyware for Android phones, there are many easy ways to investigate your suspicion.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Apps

Try emptying apps or APKs you don’t recognize from your app drawer. Do an app and APK audit and get rid of just about anyone that you don’t really need.

Check for App Permissions

If you don’t want to clean out your app locker in one fell swoop, you can take more time to examine exactly what each app is doing. Go to ‘Settings → Apps (or Manage Apps) → App permissions.’ This will enable you to review and adjust the phone features that each app has access to. Make sure no suspicious app has access to any sensitive features.

Watch Out for the Location Symbol

Your Android OS displays a location icon on your notification bar whenever an app views your location data. If you see this symbol going up frequently on your notification bar but you’re not using any location app, there might be someone trying to track your location data with a mobile spy app.

Use an Antivirus

One surefire solution that’ll smoke out a free spy app for Android undetectable on your phone is the antivirus. With a few clicks, you can screen your phone to bring hidden spy apps and spyware file names on Android to light your phone.


As you can see, finding and deploying the right type of spy app can be quite easy once you know what to look for and where to look. Our list of the best spy software for Android is a product of copious research and extensive considerations.

The top spy apps for Android fly high in terms of many different criteria that determine the effectiveness and reliability of spy apps. These apps are quite easy to install with a straightforward learning curve, and they provide a rich collection of spying tools on a stable, easily accessible interface.

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