How to Fix Netfilx Not Working on Roku

As a Netflix lover, it’s quite annoying if Netflix stops working on Roku. Hence, the good thing is that you can fix this error in different ways. Now, in the article, we’ll discuss different problems you face while watching Netflix on Roku and those ways with which you will be able to fix Netflix error which is not working on Roku.

1. Restart Connection
This is the most common reason for Netflix not working on Roku and many people don’t even get this point. Sometimes, your Roku just simply lost the connection and you can fix this problem easily by doing so; Check your network panel from home then go to the settings and open the network panel. After this, you can check whether it is connected properly or not.
There is a list of errors on Roku’s page from where you will be able to pinpoint the connectivity related issue. And if it is connected properly, check the router or internet device that whether it’s working or not.

2. Update Troubleshooting
Sometimes, your Roku system needs a software update and it might be the reason that Netflix is not working. You need to check the software updates after every 24-36 hours. You can check these updates from home, then open the settings folder and the system, if there will be any software update, it will appear there. You can check that update and update your Roku. After updating Roku, Netflix might start working.

3. Restart Roku
If Netflix is not working on Roku, it might be because you haven’t restarted your Roku. This way of sorting out the Netflix problem will work sometimes. Turning on and off the device will sort out the problem of Netflix. You just have to turn it off and then wait for 10-15 seconds. Then plug back your device and start it, but keep in mind, don’t go back to Netflix immediately. After restarting your Roku, wait for at least 1 minute, then open Netflix, and see if it is still working or not.

4. Renew the Netflix Account Subscription
Every so often, your Netflix account creates problems while watching videos. At that time, you should have to check the Netflix subscription whether it is renewed on time or not. If you have changed your credit card, you must add the new details as well.
Watching Netflix on Roku also depends on your Netflix subscription package because whenever you subscribe to a package, it comes with a limit of watching Netflix. Whenever you reach that limit, Netflix will stop working on Roku and for this reason, you need to lessen down the number of watching videos on Netflix or you can update your subscription package. So, it won’t disturb you while watching Netflix videos on Roku.

5. Re-download Netflix
There is another way of fixing Netflix on your Roku and that is re-downloading the Netflix application. Simply uninstall the Netflix application from Roku and then reinstall it. You might lose all the previous data that was saved there but generally, it will work as a reboot system and if there will be any error in that previous application, it will be removed automatically.
Well, we have discussed the different problems of Netflix not working on Roku and their solutions as well. So, the article will guide you to sort out your problems of watching Netflix on Roku.

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