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Can’t Import Photos from iPhone to Mac? 7 Quick Ways to Fix It

That import photos from iPhone to Mac, in most cases, is pretty simple. Just plug the device into your Mac, then pick the photos from Photos or iPhoto app and drag them to Mac. However, you may get problems when importing iPhone photos to your Mac.

For instance, the Mac cannot successfully detect your iPhone, only partial photos are imported or the importing process gets stuck. Whatever the reason is, we will show the best methods to bypass the issue of ‘can’t import photos from iPhone to Mac’.

Part 1. 1 Click to Import Photos from iPhone to Mac

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How to Import Photos from iPhone to Mac Using iOS Transfer

Step 1. Download and open on your Mac and connect your iPhone to your Mac using a USB cable. Select ‘Phone Backup’ and click on the ‘Backup’ button.

ios transfer

Step 2. From this interface, choose ‘Photo’ and click on ‘Backup’ to continue.

Device Data Backup & Restore

Step 3. Click on ‘View Backup History’ when the backup process is completed.

backup process will begin immediately

Step 4. Finally, you will be able to access and preview the photos on this interface. Click on the ‘Export to Computer’ button located in the right corner to export selected photos to your Mac.

restore files to computer

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Part 2. General Fixes for ‘Can’t Import Photos from iPhone to Mac’

We have collected several quick fixes proven to be effective for users whose photos couldn’t be imported from iPhone to Mac.

1. Turn off and turn on your Mac and iPhone. Then try again.

2. Disconnect the device from your Mac and force quit the Photos app, then reconnect the device with your Mac and run Photos.

3. Disable iCloud Photo Library

If you have previously turned on iCloud Photo Library on Mac, the photos on your iPhone will be automatically synced to Mac, that’s also the reason why photos can not be imported to Mac. Thus it’s necessary for you to enable iCloud Photo Library on your Mac.

Can't Import Photos from iPhone to Mac? 7 Quick Ways to Fix It

4. Remove Apps Similar to iPhoto

Other apps on your Mac to save photos such as DropBox can interfere with the operations of iPhoto. If that were your condition, you can close this app or simply remove the app.

5. Reset Location & Privacy

This small glitch could also be repaired by resetting the location & privacy on your iPhone. So why not give it a try if you can’t import photos from iPhone to Mac? Open the Settings application on your iPhone, go to General > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy. After that, connect your device to your Mac and click on ‘Trust on iPhone’ when prompted.

6. Update iPhone and Mac System

Sometimes, you will not be able to import photos from iPhone to Mac if your iPhone or MacBook runs the old system. Thus, the final tutorial you can try is to update iPhone and Mac systems to the newest version. For users whose Macbook is Mac OS X Yosemite or later, updating iPhoto to Photos is also recommended.

Part 3. What You May Want to Know about iPhone Photos

There may be some questions that are worrisome to you lot. For your questions, we have listed some guides for you.

Question 1: How to Access Photos on Mac

After importing photos from your iPhone to Photos app on your Mac, the photos will be saved in the Photos app or Photos library folder on your Mac.

Click on Finder on Mac and go to Pictures > Right Click Photo Library > Show Package Contents, you will then view the photos in the folder named Masters.

Question 2: Are There Any Other Ways to Import Photos from iPhone to Mac

When you can’t import photos from iPhone to Mac via iPhoto or Photos app, you could also use AirDrop, iCloud, etc.


It will irritate you a lot when you won’t import photos from iPhone to Mac. Hope that this article will help you out if your iPhone photos are not showing up on your Mac.

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