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Raising kids today is a huge task. If you are busy with work the whole day and only meet them in the evening when everyone is tired, you should be more concerned about their whereabouts. It is not practical to follow your kids everywhere and know all their friends. While kids are exposed to danger, teenagers are at a higher risk of getting involved with the wrong company and making wrong turns on their way home from school. As a parent, you need to be updated on not only their location but also the kind of people they communicate with and the data they access. It is easy to protect your kid if you have an idea of what he or she is going through.

Some of the wrong habits can be enticing, and kids would want to hide them from you. While spending more time with them and establishing a close relationship might help deal with some of their issues, you cannot get too deep secret levels. They will still hide something from you. Unfortunately, what they hide is the scariest. This is why you need to track their activities and location at all times.

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About Spyzie

This is a monitoring app designed specifically for parents to control their children. Just like any tracking software, Spyzie has the primary features of tracking calls, social media, internet activities, and SMS. However, Spyzie has advanced features that set it apart from any tracking app. Apart from looking at what your kid is doing on the phone and their specific location, you can block harmful applications, limit usage, and initiate geo-fencing. It is more than spying software that leaves you anxious. Spyzie gives you control over your kid’s movement and data access. You can also block websites, and specific applications that you think will destroy your kid.

Spyzie is compatible with almost all mobile phones. It means that Spyzie supports any iOS or Android device. Besides kids, you can use it on your loved ones and close family members.


Spyzie is renowned in tracking because of its advanced features. It not only notifies you but also allows you to make decisions on how your kid should behave. It is considered reliable because of the real-time updates and accuracy of information.

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Call History Retrieval

You can easily access call logs with details of the phone number and call duration. If you are having issues with the company of our teenagers, you can create a pattern of communication and find out when and how they meet. The call history details also show whether it is an incoming or outgoing call. Such details help you to make the judgment whether your kid is being pursued or is already enticed and part of the wrong company.

Tracking SMS/MMS

Spyzie allows you to read all messages sent to your kid’s phone. The message tracking feature is much more efficient on iPhone because you can access iMessages on multiple devices. Android also offers various platforms for you to relay messages. You can also integrate iOS devices and Android devices and still use Spyzie effectively.

Phone Tracking

This is one of the basic functions of Spyzie. You can tell where someone is at a specific time. The location update comes with a timestamp for accountability purposes later when you are establishing patterns. If there is a need to prove whereabouts or present evidence, the app allows you to retrieve the information including time and an exact address. You can be sure your loved one or kids are heading home directly from the school. Changing direction from school is the first sign of a knotty kid, and a lot can result from such a new company. You can only tell about the kind of people by identifying the new route through Spyzie.

Viewing Media Files

This is a trend in the social media world, and you might want to be keen on what your teenager is watching. Spyzie allows you to access the target phone to view the photos, screenshots, GIFs, and videos sent or received. The videos and images also come with details of the source. You can pull out a name or phone number from the video source. It also shows the date of when they were created and how they were shared.

In addition, you can hack Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more to track the conversations of the apps without knowing.


Spyzie can be installed on an Android device just like any other apps. To download and install it is easy. While you can run the app without rooting, rooting helps with modifications and speed enhancement. It also increases processing efficiency. Besides, you can also uninstall other applications you find unnecessary if the devices are rooted.

On iOS devices, Spyzie functions effectively without the need to jailbreak your iPhone. Besides, you don’t need to install Spyzie on the target phone. With iCloud details of your kid or loved one. You can access all data and get location updates through Spyzie. The best thing about Spyzie on iOS devices is that it runs in the background, which means the user will barely know you are tracking them.


For the Android platform, you can either subscribe to the ultimate edition or the premium edition. Ultimate entails a one-month subscription of $39.99. Premium subscription is at a monthly rate of $29.99. You can buy for three months or a full year to get a lower price.

For iOS devices, your monthly subscription will charge $39.99.

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It is the best spying app with flexibility and a range of pricing options.

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