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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

I was fed up with spam text messages. When I deleted these unwanted messages on my iPhone as a routine, I cleared up all messages by tapping the wrong button at the moment I took my attention away. Those deleted messages include two pieces of verification information for group buying. Any way to retrieve my messages from the iPhone 13 Pro Max?

  • Delete important messages by mistake?
  • Accidentally report text messages/iMessages as junk and all the messages are gone?
  • iPhone screen crashed when you want to reread a last-minute text message?
  • Want to retrieve messages from lost/stolen/ badly damaged iPhones?
  • Lost messages after factory restore or iOS 15/14 update?

iPhone Data Recovery is an excellent recovery tool for those guys who delete text messages from their iPhones or report messages as junk by mistake. This professional software allows you to retrieve deleted or lost SMS/MMS from iPhone 13/12/11/XS/XR, iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6s/6, iPad, and iPod Touch quickly with/without backup. The recovered messages will be exported as CSV and HTML files on your computer. Generally speaking, there are three ways to help you retrieve deleted text messages on your iPhone.

You can get a trial version download here and have a try under the instructions below.

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Solution 1: How to Retrieve Text Messages from iPhone

Step 1: Preserve the Deleted Text Messages

What you should do first is to preserve the deleted text messages from being wiped out by new data, that is to use your iPhone as less as possible after deleting the messages. The truth is, when a message is first deleted, it just becomes invisible but the data of the text messages still remain in our iPhone until new data generates and overwrites the deleted messages.

Step 2: Install iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery can find and retrieve the deleted iPhone text messages to PC. Download the iPhone data recovery and install it. Then, run it on the computer as well as connect your iPhone with the computer.

iPhone Data Recovery

Step 3: Scan Your iPhone

After clicking the “Start Scan” button, the program will start to scan your iPhone for deleted messages.

Select the file you want to recover

Scan your iPhone

Step 3: Preview Text Messages from iPhone

After scanning, all your iPhone text messages, including the lost ones and the existing ones are listed in the category. You are allowed to preview them one by one. Just “Messages” and “Messages Attachments” to read the deleted iPhone messages.

Recover iPhone Data

Step 4: Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone

Markdown all text messages you want to get back and click the “Recover” button at the bottom of the right corner to retrieve the messages. The SMS will be saved as HTML and CSV files on your computer and photos in MMS will be saved in an attachment folder.

Solution 2: How to Retrieve iPhone Text Messages via iTunes

In this solution, you need to assure that:

  • You have installed iTunes on the PC;
  • You have backed up your iPhone data to iTunes on the same PC previously.

Normally, we don’t want to restore the whole iTunes backup just to retrieve several messages since the data not included in the backup will be removed from our iPhone after restoring. Thus we need iPhone Data Recovery, which enables us to extract only the deleted messages from iTunes backup. Also, if you have backed up the messages to iTunes before reporting them as junk, you can retrieve junk messages on your iPhone in these steps.

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Step 1: Choose “Recover from iTunes Backup File”

Launch the program and choose “Recover from iTunes Backup File” on the left sidebar of the window. All iTunes backup files will be found and displayed automatically.

Recover from the iTunes Backup File

Step 2: Start to Scan

Select the iTunes backup with the deleted/junk messages that you need and click the “Next” button to extract the backup.

select the files from itunes

Step 3: Preview Deleted Text Messages from iTunes

After scanning, lost data files will be shown orderly. You can choose “Messages” or “Messages Attachments”, preview them one by one, and select those messages you want to retrieve.

recover data from itunes backup

Step 4: Recover the Deleted Text Messages from iPhone

After choosing all you want, click “Recover” on the lower-right corner of the interface. And wait till the iPhone messages are restored to your PC.

If the iTunes backup doesn’t contain the messages that you need, you can get your iPhone deleted/junk messages back with iCloud back.

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Solution 3: How to Recover Text Messages from iCloud

Step 1: Sign in to iCloud

Please launch iPhone Data Recovery and select “Recover from iCloud Backup File”. Sign in to your account with your Apple ID and password. To be able to retrieve messages from an iCloud backup, you must have enabled iCloud backup on your iPhone.

recover from icloud

Step 2: Download Your iCloud Backup

After entering the program, you will see the backup files in your iCloud backup account automatically. Choose the backup you want to restore by clicking the “Download” button on the right side of the table. The time of downloading iCloud backup is decided by the amount of your data.

select file from icloud

Step 3: Download Your iCloud Backup

After downloading, the software will extract data from the backup spontaneously. Please click the “Messages” item to preview all the deleted text messages.

recover data from icloud backup

Step 4: Restore Text Messages from iCloud

Click the “Recover” button to retrieve your deleted/spam messages on your computer. And that is how to retrieve deleted text from iPhone with iCloud backup.

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To prepare for a data deletion accident, you should:

  • Create a backup of your iPhone to PC, iTunes, or iCloud monthly;
  • Install iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. The program can not only help you to retrieve deleted text messages, but also help you recover your previous SMS, call history, notes, calendar, photos, videos, bookmarks, and so on. It is powerful, simple, and capable of saving deleted or lost data.

Bonus: What Happens When You Report Junk Text on the iPhone?

It happens to many iPhone users: you are just selecting spam messages to delete, instead of clicking Delete, you accidentally tap Report as junk. Now the messages are nowhere to be found, not even in the blocked messages.

So how do recover junk messages on your iPhone?

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

When you get an iMessage from someone who’s not in your Contacts, you’ll have the option to Report Junk/Spam. If you tap Report Junk, the message will disappear from your iPhone and the sender’s information and the message will be sent to Apple.

To retrieve the junk/spam messages, you can follow the above steps to use iPhone Data Recovery to extract the messages from your iTunes/iCloud backup.

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