How to Know If Your Phone is Hacked – 6 Signs

Cell phones allow us to do numerous unimaginative tasks. When the phone is used over a period of time, a large amount of data will be created and saved, including the photos and videos we take, the emails/messages sent and received, the data in 3rd-party apps, etc. Here is one problem that few people know somebody may have hacked their phone via illegal channels. Thus learning how to know if your phone is hacked should be brought into a routine to avoid more confidential information leakage. What are the signs of a mobile phone being hacked? Let’s talk about it in detail.

Part 1. How to Tell if Your Phone is Hacked

Your mobile phone may be hacked if it is not bought by yourself or it has been missing for a while. It might be taken by someone to install a hidden spy app that is undetectable. A higher probability will it be if the phone has been lost for more than 30 minutes.

Strangers are added to the contact list

If the phone numbers that you are not familiar with appearing in the contact list, the number may belong to the hacker. This is the telephone number used for a callback, that is, the “eavesdropper” uses this mobile phone to dial to eavesdrop. As a safety precaution, removing unknown numbers from the contact list permanently is necessary.

How to Know If Your Phone is Hacked - 6 Signs

Battery drains more quickly than before

As we know, phone batteries always drain quickly when we are playing games or watching videos. Sometimes the battery drains fast even if you do nothing on the device. Much of that has to do with the issue that your phone has been hacked. It is especially real when your phone has taken to very long time to charge than before. A hidden spy software may be running in the background.

How to Know If Your Phone is Hacked - 6 Signs

The cell phone runs slower than before

Think twice about whether your cell phone occasionally gets stuck or the button runs slower to respond? If a spy app is installed on the phone, the app will slow down the normal performance of the device. Whether you are playing games or giving a call, the response time will delay for 1-2 seconds.

How to Know If Your Phone is Hacked - 6 Signs

More communication expenses

There is one thing that few people know: Your mobile phone will automatically send text messages to the hackers without your conscious, and no records will be left. You need to be more alert and vigilant if you spent more communication expenses on your device. 6.

Background noise

When you give or receive a call, does your phone include background noises? The noises are often caused by a bad network connection, unknown interference or someone else listening in. If it has never happened before, you should be aware that it is a sign of your phone being hacked.

How to Know If Your Phone is Hacked - 6 Signs

Part 2. How to Secure and Protect Your Phone from Being Hacked

If you are suspected that your phone is being hacked by someone without your consent, you need to take some measures to get rid of it to prevent confidential information from being stolen.

Turn off Location, WIFI, and Bluetooth connection

Mobile location is not in need for most of the time, and the usage of WIFI and Bluetooth is also limited. If you turn on Location, WIFI and Bluetooth, hackers can easily track your phone location and the networks that you connected to before. For example, if you connected to the Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, the information you used to visit the coffee shop or the nearby will be recorded. Thus, turn on the Location, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth when you need them. Turn them off when you don’t.

How to Know If Your Phone is Hacked - 6 Signs

Enhance precautionary alertness and avoid malware

Once you have installed the malware, you could get into trouble with being monitored by the malware. Be cautious not to open SMS attachments or install apps from an unknown source, pay more attention to the installed applications. Any suspected malware detected shall be removed from the cell phone.

Turn on airplane mode

If you are not waiting for an important call or do not want to answer the call, you should leave the phone in airplane mode. When your cell phone is in airplane mode, it will not exchange signals with the signal tower nearby, and the hackers will not have any chance to monitor your device information.

How to Know If Your Phone is Hacked - 6 Signs

Create a strong password

Don’t use the simple four digits like birthday and wedding date as the unlock and login password for your phone, computer, or website. Different strong passwords should be used for different devices. To create a strong password that is not easily decipherable, a complex string of numbers, letters, non-letter symbols, etc. shall be included.

How to Know If Your Phone is Hacked - 6 Signs

Download and Install Anti-Spyware Software

There have been lots of spyware developed to spy on other phones without them knowing. To detect and get rid of the spy apps that have been installed on your device, perhaps the most effective way is to install Anti-Spyware Software to assist you to identify malware and spyware installed.

How to Know If Your Phone is Hacked - 6 Signs

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